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thank you

Thank you to all of the people that have helped us thus far, from all of us here at Harry's Fund.

And thank you, for just visiting this page. Every little helps and that includes everything from kind donations of money, a donation to our stall to help us raise funds for our goals or simply just someone showing their support, visiting our site and educating themselves so that all our work is not in vain. So thank you for being here and, if you decide to donate, then thank you so much more.

why we need your help


We operate under a policy of not turning away any donations. We gratefully accept anything and everything and attempt to re-home every item that we receive, putting all the proceeds towards our goals.

Our Stall

Every Sunday, you can find our team at North Cave Sunday Market and Car Boot. Through our stall we sell items, receive donations, and take the opportunity to talk with the many visitors.

5p for 5p-

The idea behind the 5p for 5p- fund is having a bottle out that will gradually be filled with 5p coins. This works well in shops and pubs but also in your own home, tidying up all of your loose change.


Do you know of an external event happening that you'd like to take part in? Get in touch with us if you'd like to raise money for us through gaining sponsorships. We will help out however we can, and we have many members that raise sponsorships for us in all kinds of events.